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Kerry Kouture specializes in clothing as unique as the person wearing it. KK is artwork, featuring its one of a kind hand-stitched Zipper Design. From t-shirts, jackets, sweaters to tote bags, each design is created by using functional zippers. The hand stitching process can take up to 2 hours to sew each original garment, essentially making no two garments alike.

The design team produces concepts that inspire the complex web of life through nature. Offering five signature designs:

Owl “Wisdom is key”
Eagle “Soar beyond limits”
Wolf “Howl until heard”
Skull “Live life”
Horse “Run free”

Your wardrobe defines you so make a statement. Be the style that separates you from the crowd. You are Unique when you wear Kerry Kouture.


Kerry Williams is a Clothing Designer, Motivational Speaker, Reality TV Star and soon to be author.

Designer Kerry Williams grew up in Metro Detroit in Pontiac, Michigan. Raised by a single mother who inspired him to understand the value of quality. Working as an assembly line worker for General Motors, she was able to expose him to upscale shopping at stores like Jacobsons & Hudsons. High Quality was her standard and is what Kerry Kouture stands for. 

That inspiration created Kerry Kouture. KK transcends what casual once was into unique, creative artwork as Kerry’s personal taste exemplifies classy, custom, and unique. He sews those qualities into each exclusive garment.

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